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Our passion is one of helping families

and business owning families create and

strive for new possibilities.

We exist to serve a need that was unfulfilled in our family business.  We needed someone to address challenges that we were going to face transitioning a business from one generation to the next.  We needed someone to look at the whole picture and all of the unconnected parts. 

As a result, we have created a multi-disciplinary holistic process that looks first to the dreams and aspirations of all stakeholders.  We then create a journey that looks to the intersection of the family’s business, financial, estate, community, family and philanthropic life.

Few consultants have the background, experience, training, and resources that David has accumulated.  His journey is somewhat unique and has aptly prepared him to work with business owners and families.  His capabilities emanate from having spent 25 years in his own family’s business and over the last 14 developing the skills, expertise and experience to serve the complex needs of business owners and their families.  He has a deep curiosity seeking to understand how best to help the family business system evolve to its next stage.  He uses his patience and perseverance and compassion to help all stakeholders and family members thrive.

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