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Invest in My Dreams vs. Invest in Your Dreams

Whether it is stated or implied, I have been a part of and seen repeatedly the next generation living out another’s dream.  This is rarely acknowledged or even recognized.  I have heard it often said by the succeeding generation that this is Dad’s ( or Mom’s) company.  What a tragedy!

Family is the most powerful influence in our lives.  Family members show up in the business often for the wrong reason.  They can be there for psychological reasons that have little to do with how they define themselves apart from the family and what they really want in life.
A question of successors is “Are you here for a passion or a paycheck?”  What happens in the future depends a great deal on the answer to this question.  It does not mean that there will be success or failure, but some misery accompanies the answer “paycheck.”

When the family can ask first to its members “What is your dream and how can we invest in it?” the possibilities abound.


re you here for a passion or a paycheck?” 


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