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What Others Say


"This note is to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate all of your efforts in working with my family over the last five plus years.  Oh my, have we come a long way – and it would not have happened without your expertise, patience and caring.  

You have helped in ways that I am sure you do not realize.  By continuing to ask the right (and sometimes tough) questions, you have caused us to deal with real issues.  As you know, we (my family) have not always shined when it came to dealing with controversial issues.  But, with your guidance we have truly improved.  Through our many conversations, you have asked me insightful questions that caused me to ponder issues that, previously, I never even considered.  Similarly, the work you have done one on one with my mom and dad has caused many “Aha” moments.  And I will never forget the first Sibling Council meeting where you asked if my brother, sister and I had ever made decisions together; we looked at each other dumbfounded that we had not.  Since that day, we have learned to work together and to make decisions, even on tough, emotional issues."

"Thank you for your wisdom, kindness and friendship.  I look forward to our continued journey together."

"We were introduced to David in our search to find someone to take us through our family business transition to the next generation.  David's hands-on and results-oriented approach made him the individual to lead us through this most important area of change and transition.  I know that David's guidance will deliver the knowledge to anyone who needs to take this journey."

Jim Possehl
Republic Financial Group

"David's unique ability to understand and extract information from the business system as a whole helped us sort out complex issues facing our business transition.  In addition, his ability to attend to each individual's needs was exceptional."

Lila Cross
Vaughn's Plumbing

"David was instrumental in helping us see the big picture and gain clarity about the issues that mattered most.  He was able to accomplish things for us that had not been accomplished previously.  He helped us devise a more effective plan that helped us to achieve our current and future objectives.  I recommend David's services to others who want to learn how to effectively plan for life and business transition."

Colman Kahn
Kahn & Company Carpet

"I have learned that in working with David, he brings a fresh view and fresh perspectives to planning for families in business. His interest in discovering creative solutions for complex problems in a collaborative environment is unique and welcomed."

John A. Warnick, J.D.
Holme, Roberts & Owen

y continuing to ask
the right questions, you
have caused us to deal with
real issues."

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